“I woke up with a KINK in my NECK.”

“I just woke up with a kink in my neck and now I can’t turn my head. This has happened to me before, but it always goes away. Now its been over a week and it seems to be getting worse! I don’t know what I did.”

Sound familiar? You are not the only one that has said these words, or had these thoughts. I have had countless people express their concerns about this stiff neck.

Most often this is a soft tissue or muscle strain, leading to muscle knots call trigger points. These can cause limited motion, stiff feeling, pain in the neck or HEADACHES. This can interfere with ability to work, pick up your kids, take care of the house, recreation, driving and more. We want to help, so read on…

This could happen from an isolated incident, like sleeping awkwardly, watching TV in a funny position, or sudden jerk motion (even whip-lash, but that’s another topic and another level of strain), like lifting something or playing sports. Most often, though I see this building up over time from continued over-use or strain. This includes poor posture, poor neck and shoulder postural muscles (stabilizers), arthritis in the neck, stiffness of the joints leading to changes in the way you move or continual and sustained postures in awkward positions (ie. occupation/sustained looking up or down, reading, work computer position).

The good new is we can help and we will give you some things you can start to do right away.
Treatments usually consist of a combination of manual therapies and exercises (mobility and stability):
Dry Needling
Hands on Joint Mobilization
Trigger point release
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM, similar to Graston)

Go to our “Heal Yourself/Exercises” section to get started with basic mobility and stability exercises. These are fundamental to long term solution to speed recovery and to make sure this does not happen again! That means no more missing out of traveling because of your neck pain, not being able to pick up your kids and grandkids, no more missed playing time or work. No more headaches and nagging pain that takes over your life. It means living the FREE LIFE!

Dr. Jason Salisbury PT, DPT, CMTP, CSCS