“Sit up Straight!” 3 practical tips to improve posture today.

We have all been told to sit up straight, or maybe told ourselves to do so. You may have tried to make concentrated effort only to find a short minute later that you are slouching in the same position you were trying to get out of.

Improve your posture, look better and feel better! Not only is good posture attractive, it is healthier. Poor posture can lead to neck, midback, lower back, shoulder problems and even headaches and more.

Here are a few practical tips to help make a habit of a healthy look.

1. Adjust your Rearview mirror

Sit up as tall as you can while sitting in your car. Now adjust your mirror to this level. You will be forced to sit up straight to see behind you.

You will find yourself slouching down more quickly than you think. But don’t give up, give yourself some weeks and you will find your endurance and strength have improved and it will become effortless and easy.

2. Set an alarm.

Set an alarm throughout the day to remind you to use those muscle to get up right. I would start out once every hour. The better you get at this you can tapper down the alarm frequency. Try to make a goal of doing this for 30 days. You can do it!

3. Change your work station.

Move your work station around including chairs and screens to make it easier to be in and stay in these positions. Similar to the rear view mirror.

Don’t give up. This can take some time. Our bodies form images of what is our normal, which may not be the most ideal. So it may feel awkward at first being in these positions. If you have a hard time overcoming this feeling, look in the mirror or have someone take a picture. You will find that it doesn’t look awkward at all.

The other thing is, the longer we have had these poor positions such as bad posture, our bodies adapt and become tight and weak in certain areas. Head over to the exercise section of our website to get ideas on strengthening the core and spine to getting you back to a healthier and more free you.

Stay tuned for more how to improve posture with specific exercises.