One on One quality session with an expert in the comfort of your own home, at hours that do not interfere with your daily life or work.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Wellness and Physical Fitness

Sports Massage/Deep Soft Tissue Mobilization

Get back to what you need to do and want to do with Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Having trouble exercising, playing sports, taking care of your family, cleaning, traveling, waking up stiff…whatever it may be, we can help!

Want to decrease your pain medications and avoid injections or surgeries?

Highly skilled manual therapies, therapeutic exercises and neuromuscular retraining will help you.  This may include dry needling, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM, comparable to Graston), sports taping, kinesiology taping.

Performance Improvement and General Physical Wellness/Fitness

Want to be more physically healthy?  Want to improve your physical performance?  As a Doctor of Physical therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Free Life is uniquely qualified to do just that.  This includes a full body movement screen to identify areas that may be tight or weak to improve sports performance or to prevent you from getting hurt.  Think of it like getting a tune up at the auto shop or a yearly blood work at your physicians. Your muscles, joints and nervous system need the same care.

Sports MAssage/Deep Soft Tissue Mobilization WEllness session

45-60 minutes of soft tissue mobilization. Well, what is that? Think of it as a deep tissue massage performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with physical therapy techniques such as trigger point release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and more. As a doctor of physical therapy we have specific knowledge of anatomy and the neuromuscular system to help restore muscle, joint, and soft tissue mobility and movement, and relieve tension through hands on techniques, to help you feel better and move better.

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*Discovery session:  discover how Free Life Physical Therapy can help you by meeting with a doctor of physical therapy.  This may include a brief screen and overview of possible program of care. A discovery session does not include treatment or a comprehensive evaluation.